by Quinn Nowlan

So, what is awakening?  Well, quite simply, it’s when you wake up. But I don’t mean that in the literal sense. I mean consciously awake. And in a third dimensional world, there aren’t really that many awakened people on a conscious level. To be fully conscious would be to understand who you are and to know that you are not separate from anyone else. Confusing huh? Well, let me see if I can explain it a little bit better.

Hopefully by now, you have already read about dimensions and what you know at each dimension determines whether or not you can ascend to the next dimension. And consciousness of one thing or another is really what you are doing in a nutshell. In order to move forward from 3D to 5D, you must be conscious of the fact that you are NOT separate from anything else. We are all tied together and all come from the one source, the creator. I refer to this as The One. You can refer to it as God if that helps you understand better. As you know, when you move to 3D, you are aware of yourself as a separate entity in the universe and although this is physically true it is not spiritually true. You are never separate from The One and could never be.

At any rate, full consciousness means you know who and what you are and where you come from and that is, of course, The One. The point of full consciousness is blissful and it is said that once you reach full consciousness, you are ready for ascension to the next dimension. In the physical 3D world, this means you are technically ready to leave and thusly, you will die from this dimension to move on. However, because the Earth is preparing to ascend with or without you, when you do reach full consciousness, you will not be dying this time around but instead will be ascending directly to 5D with the Earth. Think of it as a wild ride that you will never have been able to experience before and it will be the wildest ride you’ve ever been on.

Full Consciousness

So, when you’re fully conscious, you will know who and what you are but what the hell does that mean exactly? Well, that means that you realize who you really are. You realize you aren’t really from Earth at all and that you have many brothers and sisters in the universe and that they are what you would refer to as an extra-terrestrial in this 3D world we live in now. But, even more so, you realize that you, yourself, are also an extra-terrestrial. And you realize that you agreed to come to Earth and live three dimensionally until you were able to fully wake up. And let me tell you, it’s not easy task. You’ve probably been on Earth for quite a long time and not just in the body you’re in now. You may have come back thousands of times through reincarnation. Crazy? Yeah, it sounds a little bit crazy but once you’re fully conscious, you’ll learn the truth and you’ll learn of all your past lives.


Okay, let’s try to explain the whole reincarnation thing. Basically, you are a spirit or soul. You have come here as a soul and have been incarnated into a physical body or vehicle if you will. With this vehicle, you will be able to learn your life’s lessons as you have agreed to do. That’s your purpose for being here and you can reincarnate as many times as is necessary to learn what it is that you came here to learn.

At death, your soul simply leaves the body you were just in and then from there, you choose when and where to reincarnate at. Yes, you choose your next experience which means you choose your parents and your circumstances. So basically, you choose whatever incarnation you feel will best suit your needs to accomplish your goals.  Do you remember that old saying, “life never gives you more than you can handle” or “god never gives you more than you can handle”?  In all actuality, you were the one who doesn’t give yourself too much to handle.  This idea is rather mind-boggling isn’t it?  If I were to expand on that concept and say that every situation you experience is experienced because you wanted to experience it, on a sub-conscious level.  Your negative and/or positive energy determines the experiences you live.  If you are an optimistic individual, you will attract positive energy and thus, have positive experiences.  If you are a pessimistic individual, you will attract negative energy and thus, have negative experiences.  Have you ever truly wanted something, deep down in your heart?  And were you able to obtain whatever it was you wanted, whether you obtained it quickly or eventually?  Well, you were able to obtain whatever it was you wanted because you attracted it to you.  This is the Law of Attraction.

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