Uptick of UFOs in the News: Preparation for Project Blue Beam?

Project Blue Beam appears to be in the works and the mainstream media reports are stating that some UFOs are truly unknown and cannot be explained away.  The sheer fact that extraterrestrials have not been ruled out with these unknown UFOs is a key piece of information that should get your attention.  Lastly, the news reports showing that several countries have confirmed they have intercepted and have even shot down some of the UFOs is the big clincher that Project Blue Beam is in effect.

Most of us have heard about Chinese owned balloon that was shot down off the coast of South Carolina considering all the press coverage it received.¹  Then, a few days after that, several UFOs were shot down over North America by Canada and the United States², also garnering a good amount of press coverage.  After that, press coverage weaned despite continued UFO sightings, which included stories about the shutdown of airspace in the United States and yesterday, the Russian airspace over St. Petersburg.³ 

CNN broadcasted an interview with a former US Navy fighter pilot who personally observed UFOs while patrolling the skies.  The pilot, Ryan Graves, Graves reported that he personally encountered a large number of UFOs as a US Navy pilot and that those sightings occurred frequently.  In addition, he stated that some of the UFOs had no visible signs of propulsion or other mechanical devices that we would see on our aircraft, moving at high speeds and maneuvering in ways that our aircraft are incapable of doing.  Graves goes on to state that, to his knowledge, no foreign adversary or ally has aircraft with these capabilities.⁴ Check out Graves recently written article in Politico called, “We have a real UFO problem. And it’s not balloons.”⁵

Now that the stage is set, enter Project Blue Beam, a book by investigative journalist Serge Monast, published in 1994, which detailed his belief that NASA and the United Nations would stage a simulated extraterrestrial attack, world-wide, using advanced technologies like new generation holographic and pyrotechnics. Monast also published books about a New World Order and mind control.  He died of a heart attack after spending a night in jail and many believed that his death was suspicious, especially considering he was an otherwise healthy 51-year-old man.  If his death was not actually a heart attack, then perhaps there was some truth to what he wrote about in several of his books.⁶ Subsequently, I believe that the major and sudden increase of news stories about UFOs and shoot-downs is a prelude to this simulated ET attack that Monast wrote about.  My hope is that this false flag event is not carried out because it could lead to the attempted use of nuclear weapons, which are practically on a hair trigger right now in several countries.

In closing, I would like to say this – this false flag attack, if it even occurs, is nothing more than a theatrical show, designed to instill fear in the masses.  Also, the attempted use of nuclear weapons will not succeed as it is believed that any such attempt will be disabled by UFOs (whoever is controlling them), as this tech was shown to be effective when they (the UFOs) were spotted by US Air Force officers, hovering over their nuclear ICBM silos in the United States.  During those UFO incidents, the computers controlling the ICBMs were rendered inoperable, presumably by the hovering UFOs.† These incidents occurred over 60 years ago so if that tech existed then, one could conclude that the tech has dramatically improved since then and is still a capability by whoever is controlling or driving these UFOs.  Although one could argue that this tech could be used for nefarious purposes, it’s my opinion that any advanced civilization capable of reaching us, in this infinite universe of ours, would most likely possess a higher intelligence than ours and would have concluded that violence only leads to annihilation. Therefore, these ETs would be more likely be benevolent in nature.  With that in mind, be positive and know that everything is as it should be and rise above the fear mongering that mainstream media is pushing.


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