Fiat Financial System is Collapsing: The Reset is Here!

The collapse of the fiat financial system is well under way and the new system has come online.  If you’ve read previous articles on this website, you will remember one regarding NESARA.  NESARA is a program that handles the dismantling and replacement of our current financial system, which is based on fractional reserve banking.  Although the name NESARA isn’t really important here, the reset of our current system is extremely important.

A quick reminder on the current financial system, just in case you need it:  Europe and the United States are the biggest players in the central bank systems that collectively make up the bulk of the Western banking systems, all of which are based on fractional reserve banking.  This type of banking allows banks to both lend and borrow only fractions of the deposits they receive, whether they have that money on hand or not, hence the term fiat because they are mostly dealing in money that doesn’t exist.  Fractional reserve banking ensures that debt will continue to accumulate with no way of ever paying it back (you can’t pay interest on money lent out if it never existed in the first place).  Why do you think bankruptcy is part of the system?  The answer to that is because the only way to truly get out from underneath the debt is to wipe it clean and start all over.

Now, back to the story – the first obvious signs of the reset came in the form of a major U.S. bank collapsing and subsequently being seized by the U.S. government.  Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the United States 16th largest bank, became insolvent and was seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) on March 10, 2023.¹  The bank failure was due to a run by a large number of depositors attempting to pull their money out the bank.  This was the first obvious sign that the Western fiat financial system is collapsing.  The signs keep coming in with Credit Suisse, another large bank in Europe that has floundered within the Western world’s fiat money system.  UBS, Credit Suisse’s major rival, is offering to buy them out for mere pennies on the dollar.²  Remember 2008, when several banks became insolvent?  Do you remember how taxpayers’ money was used to bail them out?  And do you remember how they used to say that those banks were simply too big to fail?  Just saying.

Next, we see that while the collapse continues, a new system is being put in place to take over.  This system is what has been referred to as the great reset, where all debts from the old system will be wiped away.  We are returning to the asset-backed systems we used to have several hundred years ago, backed with precious metals like gold and silver.  So, the biggest indicator of the new system being put into place was with one of the United States’ largest banks, Wells Fargo, having trouble with direct deposits the same week SVB collapsed.  Wells Fargo reported a technical issue that led to several depositors not receiving their direct deposits.³ The 4th largest bank in the U.S. doesn’t just experience “technical issues” that lead to missing deposits and I should know, having been working in the technology field for over 20 years now.  Companies that large have the best IT systems and the best IT personnel in the business.  Failures of this nature could never occur because redundancies are put into place to ensure things like this don’t happen.  That being said, switching from an existing IT system to a new one is something an IT department may run into problems with.  IT departments will typically test out the migration in simulated computer environments and then, develop contingencies for noted issues.  Unfortunately, when the migration process actually starts, unforeseen issues can and do occur within IT systems.  That’s what most likely happened at Wells Fargo as they migrated their old systems into the new financial system, which, by the way, is already online and should be going live any day now.

In conclusion, now is the time to prepare for the reset, which should have minimal impacts on everyone affected, including all of us.  We are on the cusp of a new reality that will usher in the golden age.  My recommendation here is to have some cash, food, and water on hand should the financial system reset cause credit and debit cards to stop working temporarily.  The expected downtime, should it even occur, will not last for more than 7 – 14 days.  Most of us already shop for groceries every two weeks so this shouldn’t be an issue, just grab some cash out of the ATM for incidentals, suggested amounts are based on your situation so just go with your gut on that.

Remember folks – be positive and be ready to help those who are going to be confused and fearful of what’s happening.  The light workers out there have the facts and are on the front lines, ready to help those that are in need of answers. 

In love and light,




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