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Welcome to the Awakened Truth!

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Welcome to the The Awakened Truth website but more importantly, welcome to the Golden Age! 

This site has been setup for those of you who seek the truth, who are looking for the answer as to why you’re here, who seek a higher purpose, or are just plain curious as to what is going on in the world today.

Coming to this website wasn’t an accident and for whatever reason that brought you here I seek to help you find that reason and hopefully provide you with the information you seek.  Many of you who have found this website have already begun feeling that something big is on the horizon or perhaps feel something inside that has caused you to come out of your shell and seek out the reasons why.

Well, that’s what this website is for so come on in and stay for a bit.

A word of caution – what you are about read isn’t easily digested by some.  Therefore, my advice to you is to take it in slowly so that you can understand the material better and give your mind and heart a chance to absorb what you are about to read. 

Please remember that you each one of us has the gift of free-will and that no one can take that from you.  So, when reading the information on this website take only what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.  The information I have posted here will help you obtain the truth that is already within you.  It’s up to you to take the next step.

With that said, let’s get started – click here to continue

With love and light,
~Quinn Nowlan


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by Quinn Nowlan

What is NESARA? NESARA means the National Economic Stability and Reformation Act. This was a bill proposed by Dr. Harvey Barnard during the late 1990’s. The bill proposed replacing the income tax with a national sales tax (see also FairTax), abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy (1). The bill had ties to Congressman Ron Paul although only through a spokesman comment.

According to official public records, the bill was never adopted or passed in Congress. However, many people believe that the bill was passed and then later suppressed by the New World Order (NWO) headed, at the time, by the Bush administration. Conspiracy theorists state that a gag order was issued by the U.S. Supreme Court stating that discussion of NESARA was strictly prohibited by order of George W. Bush with a penalty of death should one be found guilty of violating the gag order. In addition, prosperity payments of gold bullion were supposedly blocked by the Bush administration as this is a key component of NESARA enactment since NESARA is based on a system of bimetallic currency.

So what is the bottom line on NESARA? Well, NESARA would effectively replace our current economy and this would include the entire world. Although NESARA was originally proposed for just the U.S. economy it is now said to cover the entire globe, replacing the global economy which is based on a system of credit and interest. The U.S. dollar is no longer backed by gold and silver as it once was originally. In the 1930’s, the Federal Reserve (FED) was created (during the Great Depression). This institution sufficiently ended precious metal backed paper currency. That’s why gold and silver certificates ended up being called “Federal Reserve Notes”…as in promissory notes. Do you remember the game “Life”? Well, when you needed a loan in that game you had to take promissory notes and then pay them off by the end of the game. Current US dollars are no different and as a result are just like credit cards. That means that we all owe a debt to the FED, whether we realize it or not. And who owns/runs the FED? If you answered the U.S. government then you would be WRONG! The FED is a privately run company/corporation. And it was started by the Rockefellers’ back in the 1930’s and is still run by them to this day.

As a result of the credit based currency system we currently use, everything we buy is bought on credit; every loan we ever received or currently had is bought on credit; and every credit card debt we have racked up or still have today is bought on credit. That means that you were loaned credit to get credit – credit on credit. The more and more you do this, the more and more the interest rates go up and ultimately, inflation. That’s why just 5 years ago minimum wage was only $5.25 and now it’s $7.25 or why gas was only 75 cents just 10 years ago and now it’s more than $2.50 or higher in most U.S. states. And will that debt ever be paid back? Nope – it would be impossible to pay it back. The U.S. has a deficit of over 1 trillion dollars!! Guess who that debt is owed to? Yup, you guessed it, the FED. So that means that the FED pretty much owns the country and the U.S. is in debt to the FED. And you thought a 30-year mortgage was bad!!

So, how can the economy keep going the way it is? Something has to give eventually right?. You can’t keep building credit upon credit upon credit, can you? Absolutely NOT! The economy is already showing signs of collapse and we’ve seen it collapse just last year when the DOW plummeted. Change must occur in order to fix things that just haven’t worked out. We cannot continue in this system of economy we currently have because it’s broken and was only put in place to keep the rich-rich and the poor-poor. That’s what it was intended to do and it does it beautifully – if you’re rich that is. But again, our money is nothing but an illusion and that just unconstitutional!

We aren’t exactly out of the woods yet though. The worst of it is not over but it’s probably the best thing that can happen. Sure, there will be major hardships to contend with and this would naturally affect the whole world since the U.S. dollar is the global reserve currency. However, it would be the only way for NESARA to be implemented. You may be asking how the hell that helps you out. How is a global economic disaster going to help you out? Well, for starters, it’s going to expose the truth behind our economy and confirm the words written here. Secondly, it’s going to wipe out all of your debt because the debts you have accumulated were all based on lies and credit – on money that doesn’t really exist. A Post-It note has about the same value as that 20 dollar bill in your wallet/purse. Now what do I mean by “wipe out all of your debt”? Just what you think I mean. Your credit card debts? Gone. Your car loan(s)/payments? Gone. Your mortgage? Gone. Any credit based debt would be instantly eliminated should NESARA be announced. So will you lose your car, your home, or the items you bought on credit? Absolutely NOT! It’s yours to keep, 100% yours. There is no loss at all. Sounds too good to be true, I know. And perhaps it is too good to be true but that’s NESARA.

NESARA is our salvation. We were never intended to live in a system like this, designed to keep us under control. With NESARA, equality becomes the word of the day, every day. There is no rich and there is no poor. More importantly, there is no more poverty and hunger. Everyone will have the basic items needed to sustain their lives. Constitutional law will return and the laws that were put in place to keep us under control will be abolished once and for all. It is everyone’s divine right to live in complete peace and harmony with one and other and NESARA will help us get there.


  1. Wiki-Pedia, 2009 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NESARA)

Philippine Super Typhoon Most Likely Perpetrated By Cabal

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By Quinn Nowlan – 11/18/13

Super typhoon Haiyan furiously lashed out at the Philippines just eleven days ago, claiming the lives of more than 4,000 people, damaged over 500,000 homes, and displaced or affected millions.  And interestingly enough typhoon Haiyan was perhaps the largest recorded typhoon in history.

At first, my thoughts were that this typhoon was a terrible natural disaster, amplified due to the planet’s purging of negative energy, natural warming phenomenon hastened by humanity, and perhaps even incoming cosmic energies.

However, as I looked through the many horrific images taken in the aftermath of this monster storm I got a heavy, sick feeling in my stomach a saddening pain in my heart.  At that point I realized that this storm was no accident.

How Can a Typhoon Not Be an “Accident”?

Most of humanity believes that there is no possible way to control weather or natural disasters…that Mother Nature cannot be contained.  However, this would be untrue and quite to the contrary.  Although I may not possess concrete evidence to support such a seemingly outlandish claim, I can say that through many years of research, I sincerely believe that weather can be controlled and that supposed natural disasters can be carried out under the guise of Mother Nature.

I won’t try to convince you of this possibility but I can assure you that these technologies are there to control weather, make weather more extreme and cause natural disasters.  But by all means, if you aren’t a believer but are curious enough to read more:  click here for information about HAARP; read this very common knowledge on nuclear detonations and earthquakes; or check out weather modification commonly referred to as chemtrails.

Reasons for Creating This Super Typhoon

I can only speculate on the reasons why someone or some group would want to create a super typhoon that would kill thousands and devastate a huge swath of property and infrastructure.  With that said, I believe the central reason is the age old motivation of millions of people, organizations, and companies.  That motivation: MONEY and POWER.

My speculations do have some interesting back-up though, the biggest of which is this article by NBC news: Typhoon Haiyan: World Bank offers $500M loan to Philippines as aid logjams persist

The article highlights that the World Bank is offering the Philippine government a 500 million dollar loan with of course, our lovely friend interest.  So what’s wrong with that – it’s what the World Bank does, right?

Well yes, of course but the reasons why the World Bank makes these loans is far more sinister than interest.  The World Bank is controlled by the financial elite of the world and it’s just another central bank like the Federal Reserve (US).  For those of you just joining us, the financial elite and the institutions they control, including central banks like the World Bank, are in the business of enslaving humanity through debt and indirectly thru government control over massive populations (with laws and prisons).  Check out my pages on this here and here.

With this half a billion dollar loan, the World Bank will end up having a huge stake in the control of the Philippine people through its own elected government.  This is what the World Bank does – control a country’s money through debts that the country won’t be able to pay gives you control over that countries government through the plunder of said country’s resources.


I realize that creating or enlarging a typhoon that has the potential to kill thousands and destroy so much property and infrastructure is unfathomable and pretty much unconscionable.  But when you get down and think about it, is it really?  Governments have been doing it for thousands of years through wars that have claimed millions, if not billions of lives and destroyed entire countries…literally!  Do you think the financial elitists who are the true puppet masters are any different?  Yeah, I don’t think so either and as far as I can tell, they’re far worse.

I won’t even get into the possibility that this storm was created as a diversion from the possibility that the Cabal was attempting to plunder the various gold storage facilities that are allegedly scattered around the Philippines.  However, this could’ve very well been another possible reason (2 birds, 1 stone people).

The Cabal is defunct at this point and quite desperate.  Their time is up and they know it.  Unfortunately, millions of Filipinos had to suffer this most terrifying and life shattering typhoon so that these final remaining Cabilian soldiers can hold onto their now illusionary power over this world and her inhabitants.

May the love and light shine down upon the Philippines and her beautiful people!

Peter the Roman is Here!

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By Quinn Nowlan – 2/13/13

Pope Benedict XVI officially resigned his papacy today, February 28th, 2013 @ 2:00 PM EST.  At this point in time, the Roman Catholic Church does not have a pope but there is an acting pope, technically speaking that is.

Before I get into that though, let’s talk about who “Peter the Roman” is, especially since most of us have never heard of him.

During the 12th century there was an Irish Bishop known as Malachy who, according to historical documents, had a dream or more accurately, a vision about the Catholic Church.  In his vision, he saw the final 112 popes that would head the Church starting with Celestine II, in 1143.

According to historical accounts, which by the way the Church considered forgeries, the 111th pope was referred to in the prophecy as “Gloria Olivae” which means the “glory of the olive.”  If the Malachy prophecy is true then the 111th pope was most likely Pope Benedict XVI.  This is because the order of Saint Benedict was commonly referred to as the Olivetans.

Now, just so you are aware, even though the Catholic Church considered Malachy’s writings to be forgeries, it is rumored that the Church took them very seriously.  So much so that it was rumored that in 1958, the Conclave would not elect Pope John Paul XXIII until they first hired a boat, filled it with sheep, and sailed it up and down the Tiber River.  This was in keeping with the Malachy prophecy that stated the next pope would “pastor et nautor” which means “a pastor and a sailor.”

If Pope Benedict XVI was the 111th pope then there would only be one more pope to fill the papacy and that pope is to be called “Petrus Romanus” or “Peter the Roman.”  The last pope would signal the end of the Roman Catholic Church and ultimately the end of the world.

This is where things get very interesting.  The prophecy states the last POPE will be Peter the Roman.  In order to be a pope, the Conclave must first elect a pope.  The election of a new pope is expected to take place within the next three weeks or so. 

No one knows for sure who is on the list of potential candidates for the papacy but some say that list contains at least three cardinals with “Peter” in their name.  However, one of those cardinals stands out because he is most definitely Peter the Roman.  His name?  Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone.

Bertone was born in the Romano Canavese of the Italian Piedmont.  That makes him Roman and his given name is Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone.  Pietro is Italian for Peter.  So there you have it, Peter the Roman!

Now hold onto your hats people because you’re in for a BIG surprise!!  Stay with me now and allow me to explain:

When a pope resigns or dies, there is a period of time where the Church is without a pope.  And during this time, the Camerlengo (Italian for Chamberlain) of the Roman Catholic Church becomes the temporary administrator of the Holy See.

The Holy See is the episcopal jurisdiction of the Catholic Church which basically means the central government of the Roman Catholic Church.  That means that the Camerlengo is the equivalent of a prime minister and during sede vacante (Latin for vacant seat, which refers to when the papal seat is vacant), the Camerlengo is by all intents and purposes, the acting pope and head of state for the Roman Catholic Church.

As a former Catholic, I realize that using the term “acting pope” isn’t a very true statement because a devout Catholic will tell you that the Congress of Cardinals holds the ruling power during a vacancy in the papal seat, albeit limited power. 

The Camerlengo, on the other hand, is technically in charge until a new pope is elected.  This is because the Camerlengo is also the head of state for the church and is charged with administering all of the Church’s properties and revenues.

And here’s the kicker:

The current Cardinal Camerlengo is Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertone, as in the cardinal we just discussed above as being a candidate for the papacy!  As of today, February 28th, 2013 at 2:00 PM EST, Cardinal Camerlengo Bertone is the temporary administrator of the Holy See and head of state for the Church.  

As I said above, the Camerlengo is pretty much in charge until a new pope is elected which makes him the acting pope!

Now, if you recall above, Cardinal Camerlengo Bertone could be considered “Peter the Roman” because he was born and raised Roman and his given name, Tarcisio Pietro Evasio Bertrone, contains the name Peter.  And he’s currently in charge of the Catholic Church people!!

So, does this mean Malachy’s prophecy has been fulfilled??

Well I don’t know if the “acting pope” qualifies as a pope as Malachy envisioned it but it sure does give you something very big to think about for the next few weeks until a new pope is elected – assuming the Church doesn’t fall apart before then.

Of course the opponents of the prophecy’s state that they were mere forgeries perpetrated in the 16th century by supporters of Cardinal Girolamo Simoncelli who was a candidate to become the next pope in 1590.  Additionally, the accuracy of the list after 1590 is not quite that great unless you try to make the connection between the prophecy and the actual list of popes after that time. 

But decide for yourself.  In my opinion, Malachy’s prophecy has been fulfilled because Peter the Roman is currently at the helm of the Catholic Church even though he’s not technically the pope….yet.

The House of Cards is Falling!

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by Quinn Nowlan – 5/25/10

Today, May 25th, 2010, just days before the 2nd harmonic convergence, the world markets took a huge blow.  Markets all reported major drops of 2 – 20%.  The DOW Jones Industrial Average sank below 10,000 points to 9,859 points.

The markets tumbled world-wide, affecting every major economy in the world.  The European markets took a substantial hit, losing over 3% overall and the Euro hitting an all-time 8 ½ year low against the Yen and a 4 year low against the US Dollar.  Asian markets also fell amidst fears of a major global downturn and the rising tension on the Korean peninsula.

So, how will this all affect us and what does it all mean?  For starters, the global economy is collapsing as has been prophesized.  The old system of economy does not work and never did, unless of course you were one of the ones profiting from it.  But the fact remains that it’s broken and cannot be fixed.

The US deficit alone has far surpassed a point of no return.  That means that even if every single American pitched in everything they owned and saved to pay off the deficit, it still wouldn’t be enough to pay it off.  So basically, it cannot be paid back anymore and the US has defaulted on all debts owed.  In other words, the US is bankrupt. 

The house of cards if finally coming down and it’s the best thing that could happen to us all.  There is nothing to be scared of because for the first time in our Earth’s history, we are witnessing the collapse of the most provocative and lucrative economy known to man, designed solely to keep the rich richer and keep the poor poorer.  In addition, this means that a new economy will rise in its place – an economy that makes sense and works for EVERYONE…not just the rich.

You really don’t need to take my word for it.  The truth speaks for itself and there is no denying that the world markets are collapsing…right in front of your eyes.  We were told this was going to happen and that 2010 would be the year of truth.  Well now you can see it happen instead of believing it’s going to happen.  And this is only the beginning and this year will knock your socks off!

2010 will not only be the year of truth but it will become perhaps the most important piece of history in human evolution.  This year will be the one year that changed humanity forever and ushered in the leap of human evolution that no one ever dreamed was possible.

The Golden Age is here!

Haiti Earthquake Man-Made

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by Quinn Nowlan – 1/18/10

On Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 at 4:53 PM Haiti time, magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck 15 miles West-Southwest of the Haitian capital of Port-Au-Prince, at a depth of 8.1 miles, +- 2.1 miles (1).  The quake lasted approximately 30 – 40 seconds.  Because of the fairly shallow depth of the quake, the amount of time the earth in Haiti shook, and the poor construction standards in Haiti, the damage was quite extensive.  Hundreds of thousands of Haitians lost their lives that day and the world wept for them all.

Since the earthquake, several theories have surfaced on the web suggesting that the Haiti earthquake may have been man-made.  Some theorized this was possible using the HAARP technology known to exist that can be used as a weapon.  However, no evidence exists to date that can prove this theory.  Other theories suggest that an earthquake machine, originally invented by Nikola Tesla to test mechanical oscillators, was used to cause this horrific earthquake.  My inner guidance leads me to believe that yes, this was a man-made earthquake.  The real question is how.

Out of the two possible theories above the earthquake machine seems more probable.  This is because the basic concept behind an earthquake machine is to create a resonance frequency that matches the resonance frequency of a structure or object (see mechanical resonance for more).  So, what does that mean in laymen terms?  Well, when the machine is turned on and tuned to the same resonance frequency of a building, it can amplify the natural frequency of vibration in that building and thus, cause violent vibrations to occur throughout the building.  This would be identical to an actual earthquake if you were to be caught up in the building during this man-made event.  And in Tesla’s experiment, he was able to do just that and didn’t even realize it until he almost destroyed his lab and was forced to take a sledge hammer to his machine to prevent further damage (2).

Even if such a machine existed, how could it cause something as catastrophic as the Haiti earthquake?  Well, for starters, the machine Tesla created was small enough to fit in the pocket of an over-coat and powered by steam pressure.  In addition, the machine was invented in 1898, which means there has been well over 100 years for such a machine to be perfected. 


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