by Quinn Nowlan

So, do UFO’s really exit? Are we alone in the universe? Well, that question of whether or not we are alone in the universe has been answered. In fact, the answer has always been there but unfortunately has been hidden from you by the Cabal. Extra-terrestrials do exist as do their spaceships (UFO’s).

You’re probably saying to yourself that I’m just another UFO fanatic and that I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist. Well, say what you will but when they do show up in our skies in massive numbers, you will then be awakened to the truth that will no longer be in the dark. Everything will come to light as this is required by the universe.

Past Encounters

UFO’s have been seen millions of times in the history of this planet and man has witnessed them in the skies and on the ground. Ancient writings, hieroglyphs, and artifacts show a history of strange UFO type phenomenon in the skies during times where aircraft hadn’t even been invented. Artifacts show little trinkets shaped like futuristic type aircraft when against all odds should not have existed in the time frames in which they were utilized.

Despite these facts, people have turned a deaf ear to the UFO press and as a result, have denied the truth within themselves. And to make matters worse, mankind has invented these horrific ideas that UFO’s and ET are somehow dangerous to us as a society and that we should fear them. If you read “The Truth” yet, you will see this is fear tactics at its best…employing ever possible avenue to keep the masses under their control for the inevitable sighting in the sky by its citizens.

What Does the Government Know?

You can be 100% sure that your government knows about UFO’s and knows about extra-terrestrials, despite their official position on them. Also, you can be assured in knowing that not only does your government know about them but has communicated with them and shared in their technologies. Roswell did happen whether or not the government admits to it. And there are agencies within the US government that control the keys that will unlock the mysteries surrounding the US’ involvement in the ET presence.

So the big question is will the governments of the world ever admit to UFO’s and ET? Well, I would like to think so because the time for their presence in our skies is drawing near and there will be no mistaken that – but will the government tell you before that time? No one knows for sure. I imagine it will be like a domino effect. One country will finally divulge all they know about UFO’s and ET’s and then the rest will follow as the dominoes fall. I would like to think the US will be the first but there really is no way to tell and quite frankly it doesn’t really matter.

Some people will believe and some won’t, even when it’s staring at them right in their face. This is the nature of the beast and what you believe is what you believe. Sometimes you just have to have faith in what you can’t see and be assured that in the future, your faith will be confirmed.

What Can You Expect?

The ET presence will increase dramatically in the coming months/years. This is because they play an important role in the ascension of Earth. The first sighting will help to awaken billions of people, thus ensuring the overall lift in consciousness which means, a higher vibration of energy. Without this lift, humanity would not be able to ascend. However, don’t get me wrong here! The extra-terrestrial presence will not facilitate a “saving humanity” type of event. They will simply be here to ASSIST us in our ascension. They will help awaken billions but it is ultimately up to each and every one of us to raise our own individual vibrations. Remember, it’s free will that decides our future. You either choose to be a part of the ascension or you choose not to – it’s that simple.

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