Behind the Veil

by Quinn Nowlan

The Truth

Now let’s talk about what’s on the other side of the veil that I have previously referred to.  Who you truly are has been kept from you through the conditioning we discussed in the last section.    The true you is far greater than you could ever imagine and soon enough, you’ll see it for yourself.

Who are you and where do you come from?

Let’s just say that Earth is a classroom.  Earth is a place where souls choose to go to for the benefit of their spiritual journey.  Not all souls come here but those that do have chosen to come here to continue their spiritual journey in a 3rd dimensional body.  The reason for this is because by entering the 3rd dimensional human body, you must release your memories temporarily and then choose an incarnation that will best suit your chosen spiritual path.  As such, you begin your physical incarnation with no knowledge of who you truly are (the spiritual part of you).

Okay, so where do you come from?  You come from the Source and all that is.  This means you are God incarnate…we all are.  In other words, you and everything that is the universe is God, living life in every possible way that can be imagined.  You could say that God is living vicariously through all that is, whether it be the moon, the stars, a seemingly insignificant grain of sand, a plant, an animal, and so on.  And because of this, you are never separated from the Source even when you feel as if you are.

As I said earlier, Earth is a classroom and at one point in time was not inhabited by humans.  This is true with all planets and some planets may never host life of any kind, well, life as we know it that is.  When the divine plan was developed by the Logos, several souls who volunteered to be a part of this spiritual journey were transported to Earth and it was then that this divine plan started to take shape.  This was many millennia ago.  Some of you may have been here since day one on Earth and although that is hard to grasp especially for those of you who do not believe in reincarnation, that is the truth.  How can I be so sure of that?  Well, as with many things in this world, you just have to have faith. 

Is that such a far-fetched idea?  Well think about it…at one point in time, there was no science, there was no medicine, and there was no technology. Somehow, despite these facts, someone simply had faith that they could exist and that eventually led to their existence. 

But don’t take my word for it because that’s up to you for that is up to you to decide.  I can say with 100% certainty that you will find out in the very near future granted you want to.  For the rest of you, you will find out eventually when you are ready to.  Remember free will?

Earth’s First Humans

The universe is a fair place and in most places is ruled by ying/yang.  Many of you are familiar with the concept of ying and yang.  For those of you who are not – ying and yang is simple… for every up there is a down, for every head there is a tails, for every positive there is a negative and for every man there is a woman (lol).  What I am referring to when I say Ying/Yang is negative energy vs. positive energy.  Because we have free will we can choose whatever path suits us at the time, whether it is of the light (positive) or of the dark (negative).  As you well know, there are many who have chosen the latter. 

Because of this, the dark has gained much power in this dimension and as a result, has gained control over Earth’s people…that is, you and me.  Their power is far reaching and their control even greater.  They kill and maim those that cross them or challenge their rule and they will stop at nothing to maintain that rule, even if that means stabbing each other in the back.  However, as we get closer and closer to the end of this cycle, their power becomes lower and lower and this is a direct result of the awakening of people like you. 

Before I get into all that, let me first tell you where these dark souls come from…

The Annunaki (The Original Dark Souls)

The Annunaki are responsible for the dark rule of this planet.  They are basically the original watchmen or watchers of the universe, arch angels if you will.  The Annunaki ensured that God’s kingdom was safe so in that respect, they were like the police.  They became greedy with their policing powers and wanted more power.  At that moment, they transmuted their light and became centered in the dark.  As a result, they were removed from their posts.  For those religious people – this is pretty much when the arch angel Lucifer was “tossed” out of heaven. 

Once this occurred, they decided to go to Earth and it was there that they found the power and control they were thirsty for.  You see, Earth is unique in that it’s not only a training planet but a planet where the Source has allowed for many rules to be broken for the purpose of allowing for full spiritual enlightenment, whether it is of the dark or the light.  That is why the Annunaki chose Earth.

For those of you who have studied mythology, these are the dark souls responsible for the fall of Atlantis.  The people of Atlantis rose up to great spiritual enlightenment but were corrupted by the Annunaki influence.  This eventually led to the demise of their entire civilization.

The Illuminati or Cabal (The Current Dark Souls)

The darkness is commonly referred to as the Cabal, the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Neocons, and the Military-Industrial Complex.  The term I prefer is the Illuminati.  There are 13 core families at the heart of the Illuminati.  Some of whom you have heard of like the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds. 

Since the beginning, when the Annunaki came to Earth, their sacred teachings have been preserved and passed on from generation to generation.  They believe themselves to be enlightened which is why they are referred to as the Illuminati.  They indeed are enlightened as they have held sacred the truths of this universe.  They have not forgotten their roots as we have simply because they are raised from birth knowing the truth about all that is and will come.

What is fear and what purpose does it serve you?

Let’s quickly talk about fear since it plays a central role in the Illuminati’s ability to control us.  So tell me, what is fear?  Fear is defined as: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.  So fear is an emotional response….let me say that again, an EMOTIONAL response.  And when I say emotional, I mean a physical emotional response.  Emotions are basically the body’s physical response to stimuli.  The central nervous system of the human body is where emotions live and how they are manifested within each of us.  And through are five senses, we can experience the world around us via our emotional response to things.  Most of us consider emotions to be in our head and not a physical thing.  And I say to you, you’re absolutely right, they are in our head since this is where the brain resides and thus, the core of the central nervous system.  You may say it’s just in your heart and I say that’s also true but it’s still a physical response no matter how you define it. 

So tell me, what is the purpose of fear?  Well, fear when it comes to survival keeps us alive and out of harm’s way.  But fear outside of survival doesn’t do much for us except to change our energy vibrations.  You see, each emotional response gives off energy via our central nervous system and then via our aura.  The aura is an extension of our body but is the energy we give off and can receive to and from the world around us.  And this energy vibration is either negatively charged or positively charged.  In the case of fear, the energy vibration is negatively charged. 

So, what does negative energy do for you?  Simple – it lowers your energy vibration.  And that in turn will hold you back.  Fear, when not related to survival, will keep you at a lower vibration and thus farther away from ascension to the next dimension.  This brings us to control….

Control through Fear

The best way to control the masses is through fear.  The reason for this as we have learned is because fear lowers our vibration.  A lower vibration keeps our consciousness at a lower level and ultimately keeps us in the dark.  This is often referred to as being BEHIND the veil of truth.  And when you are behind the veil of truth, you are unable to see what is really happening around you and as long as your vibration is low, you will not be able to look beyond the veil because you will not allow the truth in.  You could say that a veiled person is very close-minded and will not accept new ideas or concepts nor are they very open to change.


Most organized religions as we know of them today are used as a tool to control the masses.  Although it’s true that a lot of their teachings are based on certain truths, the overall purpose of most organized religion is to control the masses through fear.  They do this by saying you will be damned if you do not follow their teachings.  You will burn in hell and be separated from God and all His glory. 

These fear tactics are quite successful and as a result, have lowered the vibration of many people.  To break away from the lower vibrations these religions teach can be very difficult especially if your upbringing was of a strict religious one.

Think about it for a moment: In some Islamic religions you are told that to die for Muhammad is a great sacrifice that will allow you a place in paradise.  And many Islamic followers still believe in this, even to this day.  In the Catholic religion, you are told that if your child is not baptized before they die they will go to hell.  In the Mormon Church, Mormons donate money to prove they are worthy which in turn, will make them eligible for their version of heaven.

If that’s not enough for you, consider these facts:

  • Historically, religion was not really a positive thing – there was hatred and oppression and the basis of religion did not come from honorable intentions.  The intent was to rule both church and state and thus, control the population through strict religious rules and laws
  • Some believe when Christianity came about, the leadership changed the records that became what we know of as the Bible with the purpose of serving their needs.
  • Religion was responsible for the first taxation, allowing the churches to become extremely wealthy and more powerful which helped them to maintain control over the masses.
  • Religion was so influential that it led to such things as the Crusades, executions, torture, imprisonment, and even assassination.
  • Violations of “God’s Laws” would bring damnation, thus allowing the leaders of the church to control the population should one stray from the required strict adherence to these laws.
  • Religion has been far more successful in keeping the population in line with their rules and law than their government counterparts…so much so that religious groups have been known to protest against government and have one of the most powerful lobbies in politics.


So tell me, how much do you know about the economy?  Perhaps you have taken a class on economics and think you have a pretty good handle on it.  Well that may be so but I hate to rain on your parade – what you were taught in class on economics is only what they want you to believe.  The truth may actually shock you.

Our current economic system is based on fractional reserve banking.  So what is fractional reserve banking? Fractional reserve banking is a form of banking where banks maintain reserves (of cash and coin deposit) that are only a fraction of the customer’s actual deposit.  Funds that are deposited in banks are mostly lent out and the bank only keeps a fraction of the quantity of deposits as reserves. 

For example, if you deposit $1,000 into your bank account, the bank will keep a fraction of that actual deposit and loan the rest out.  Typically, the bank will keep say 10% of your $1,000 deposit ($100) and loan the rest out ($900). 

Okay, that you may already know and it makes sense for the most part – otherwise growth would be stifled because no one would be getting loans if the bank couldn’t do it this way.  But this is where the other part of the plot thickens…

So, when the bank loans out that $900 to someone else, that money gets deposited automatically into another deposit account.  At this point, the fractional reserve banking standard starts again and the bank then keeps only 10% of that $900 ($90) and can loan out the rest ($810).  This can continue on and on.

If you are calculating the results of these transactions, you will see that from the initial deposit of $1,000, the total amount of money the bank can loan out could be well over $5,000!  But how can that be possible?  You only started with $1,000 of money which should mean the bank can only loan out the same amount and nothing more.  Yet with fractional reserve banking, the bank can actually loan out much more than that and is, in essence, creating money out of thin air.

So, in this fractional banking system we all live in, any bank can loan out up to 9 times the amount of any deposit made.  

Of course, thin air is actually debt as a result of the loaning the bank does on the initial deposit of $1,000.  Let’s not forget that we haven’t even talked about interest owned on every dollar loaned!

Central Banks

Alright, so now you understand fractional reserve banking, let’s talk about where the money first gets created.  We all know that money is physically created or minted by the US Treasury (if you are in another country, you most likely have a similar institution).  However, there is another critical piece to how money gets created and that is the Federal Reserve System which is known as a central bank. 

The job of a central bank is to manage a nation’s currency, money supply, and interest rates.  In addition, the central bank oversees the commercial banks in their respective countries.  Examples of central banks are the Federal Reserve (United States), the European Central Bank (Europe), and the People’s Bank of China (China).

In the United States, the US Treasury prints the money but can only do so with the approval of the Federal Reserve.  So, if the US wants to print more money, it must first take out a loan with the Federal Reserve.  This loan is carried out in the form of US Treasury Bonds – that is, if the US wants to print out $10,000,000,000, the US must get the Federal Reserve’s approval and when approved, the US issues $10,000,000,000 is US Treasury Bonds to the Federal Reserve.  Then, the US Treasury can print 10 billion dollars in physical currency.

As with all loans, interest in charged to the US Government on that 10 billion dollars.  So the US Government now owes the Federal Reserve 10 billion dollars plus interest. 

So, overall, all money in circulation is actually created by the act of the US Government taking out a loan with the Federal Reserve.  That means that the money in your pocket is not real money but is actually debt owed to the Federal Reserve.

How Does This Affect You?

This is a pretty simple answer – inflation.  The money in your pocket doesn’t quite buy what it used to.  This is because the money supply continuously increases for every loan the US takes out with the Federal Reserve.  As a result, inflation takes place and decreases the value of every dollar in circulation.  This, in turn, means that you must spend more of your money to buy goods and services that just 50 years ago may have only cost half the amount they cost you today.

Also, we must not forget about interest in all of this.  Remember, the Federal Reserve loans money out to the US Government and this money is then put into the money supply – which is, in essence, the principal of the loan.  In turn, the US Government must pay back the principal PLUS interest. 

But how can the US Government pay back the principal PLUS interest if the money supply only equals the total principal that the Federal Reserve loaned out?  Well they can’t and that’s the whole point.  The amount of money loaned out by the Federal Reserve plus the interest owed to the Federal Reserve will always be greater than the total amount of money is circulation.  That means the US Government and anyone who uses money (you) will always be in debt to the Federal Reserve as it would be impossible to pay back the loans to the Federal Reserve.

We can take this a step further and say that because of this truth, foreclosures and bankruptcies are a direct result of this type of banking and are a natural part of the system because banks know it’s impossible to pay back all the loans PLUS the interest.  And that’s how they get you.

The system was designed this way so that the powers that be (the bankers and like) can continue to control the masses thru instruments of money since all money is debt that we must use and pay back in order to survive.  If we fail to pay back this debt then we could end up losing everything we’ve worked so hard to obtain.


Government today is another tool used to control the masses.  For those of you familiar with the US Constitution, this is NOT what our forefathers had in mind and over the years, laws in the US have been erected with the sole purpose of distorting the Constitution and to control the freewill of the people it governs.

In the eastern government of Saudi Arabia, you can lose your hand if you steal, even if you are stealing food to feed your starving family.  In the Israeli government (in Gaza) food, services, and medicine is restricted in order to control their people.

And just about everywhere in the world, citizens are taxed for everything imaginable and evading taxes can mean imprisonment or even death.

So you see, fear allows for control and fear lowers your vibration.  As long as you are stuck in lower vibrations, you cannot lift up the veil and expose the truth that is right there on the other side.  So you must open your mind and more importantly, your heart.  This is the true freedom of life.

The government uses fear to control its citizens by using various laws designed to keep you in line and away from the real truth.  And with the fear suppressing your vibrations, you are not open to the real truth and label it as another silly conspiracy.  As I’ve said before a few times, your free will decides what truths you want to believe in.

What is the Point?

So what is the point of all this?  Why would the dark hats want to control you and keep you in the dark about anything important?  They do not want you to realize that you are for more powerful than you think, more powerful than them, in fact.  Most importantly, they don’t want you to know that a leap in human evolution is coming and that ascension is coming.  The end of this cycle marks a new beginning never before seen by humanity.  The dark hats know this is coming and they know that it will be the end of their control, the end of their power, and the end of their wealth. 

A Leap in Human Evolution

I keep saying that the energy is preparing you for what’s coming but I’m not telling you what’s actually coming except to say evolution.  I imagine that after that long, drawn-out explanation you would rather just hear the short answer so here it is: ascension.  For those of you who are not religious (and this really isn’t a religious thing) you know exactly what ascension is but for the rest of you, ascension is basically a quantum leap in evolution. 

Religions across the globe would define ascension as the major event occurring during Armageddon in which those worthy souls would ascend into heaven.  It can also refer to Jesus Christ ascending into heaven.  Ascension is often referred to as the “Rapture” in which people would literally be removed from the face of the earth in a physical ascension to heaven.  See the Revelations in the Holy Bible for more on this.

But, in reality, ascension is a quantum leap in evolution where the human race evolves in such a way that a higher consciousness is achieved.  It would be like evolving directly from ape to man in a relatively short time frame, thus the phrase quantum leap.  Don’t get me wrong here – I’m not saying that religion is fake or not of this reality, quite the contrary actually.  Religion is right with a lot of things in our past and future and the rapture or ascension is one of those things, just not in the same context as they teach it.  Doom and gloom is something some religions preach to their congregations and remember, this is only to create for which, in turn, allows for control. 

Put religion aside and remember this one fact: all souls ascend one way or another.  Whether you ascend right now or later on, it will happen regardless of what you do right or wrong as religion or society rules say.

Ascension will be beyond our wildest dreams and then some.   I can tell you unequivocally that it will be nothing short of a miracle.  The Earth and the human race will evolve in a way that has never happened before in the history of the universe.

Your free will decides what happens to you next.  And I don’t mean physically, I mean spiritually.  You may ask – what if I don’t believe in spirit or souls?  Well nothing – that just means you don’t consciously believe in spirituality and that is a good example of your free will.  If you’re one of those individuals then I applaud you for reading this far.  But, more importantly, I applaud you for using your own free will to explore this material because free will is the most important thing in the universe and no one is allowed to violate your free will.  Free will is a basic law of the universe.

Physical Ascension Will Occur

Ascension will be from 3D to 5D.  As we discussed before, your energy vibration must be high enough in order to achieve ascension.  This is because our current three dimensional bodies would not be able to handle the energy of the 5th dimension.  But how is possible for us to ascend in our physical bodies?  For the past several years, your body is being transformed on a genetic level.  Your body is changing from to a more crystalline structure, which is capable of handling the energy vibrations of the 5th dimension.  But how, exactly, is your body being changed on a genetic level?  Your body is being changed by incoming energies from the universe around you.  Solar flares

So what if you don’t believe in ascension or God or Heaven and Hell or anything else that is spiritual?  What  if I believe I’m just a singular person, separate from everything else and that when I die that’s it, I’m dead and there is nothing else?  Well, then there’s nothing to worry about is there?  You believe in what you want because that’s your free will.  Nothing adverse will happen to you – you won’t be cast aside and you won’t be thrown into the pits of Hell.  Life will just continue on for you as if nothing changed and someday in the very far future, you will eventually wake up.  And when you wake up you will know the truth.  Until that time, do not worry because you’ll get there when you get there, when you are ready, plain and simple.  You are still part of the One and that will never change so as a result, you can never be forgotten and when your time comes, you’ll know it and you’ll move forward with the rest.  It’s not a contest and there is no last place – we are all winners one way or another whether you can see that now or not at all.

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