The Science

by Quinn Nowlan

Okay, let’s quickly take a refresher on science and discuss energy and dimensions.  I want to discuss these two topics because they play a very important role in what is happening in the world today and what is to come. 

Energy – It’s What the Universe is Made Of

So what is energy?  The official definition: Energy is defined as the capacity for doing work as measured by the capability of doing work (potential energy) or the conversion of this capability to motion (kinetic energy). Energy has several forms, some of which are easily convertible and can be changed to another form useful for work (1).  With that said, let me just give you my definition.  Energy is the driving force behind all of creation and I mean ALL, as in everything, both seen and unseen.  The computer screen you are using to view this website is energy, the hair on your head is energy, and the air in the sky is energy.  Everything is energy.  The atoms and molecules that make up our bodies are energy by mass and by position and sometimes even by motion.  So, just keep that in mind when you hear the word energy – you are talking about everything in the universe, all that there is both seen and unseen (whether it’s energy we can measure or energy we know is there but is unseen such as anti-matter).  

Vibrations as it relates to Energy

As with most things in this universe, energy vibrates at a certain level no matter what type of energy you are talking about and in most cases, that vibration can be measured.  Just as you pluck a guitar string and can measure its rate of vibration, so to can the vibration of energy be measured.

But what exactly does energy vibrations mean to you? Well, each of us and really everything in the universe energetically vibrate at a certain level or frequency if you prefer.  The level at which we vibrate determines our conscious awareness and thusly, the dimension in which we can reside and comprehend (we’ll discuss dimensions below). 

To spiritually advance to the next level, we must raise our vibrations to that of the dimension above us.  This process is called ascension.  And that is what 2012 is really about – ascending to the 5th dimension.  All you have to do to ascend is raise your vibrations to the level of the 5th dimension.  And don’t worry – you will have help doing so when the time comes.


Positive Energy = Higher Vibration         VS.         Negative Energy = Lower Vibration

A word of caution…

Before we begin, please do not confuse the definitions (below) of time/space & space/time with science’s definition on space/time.  For example in science, there are three dimensions of space in 3D and one dimension of time, thus, four dimensions total.  But, for the definitions below, I may not be using the mainstream scientific definitions.  I am using time/space and space/time to explain the importance or relevance, if you will, of time within a given dimension. 

Just keep an open mind and also remember that science gets its roots from theory, just as science has already theorized the existence of physical dimensions beyond the third dimension with theories such as the String theory and M-theory (2) just as you are about to read here.

Okay, let’s imagine being able to look at time from above as you do a timeline on a piece of paper.  You can see forward and backwards on the timeline with ease.  Or perhaps you can think of it like looking down on a tube where the tube represents the third dimension.  You can see the whole tube, all sides of the tube, and spatially all around the tube.  Let’s say it’s the year1800 at one end of the tube and on the other end, the year 2012.  You can see all of this without any problem so in effect, you can see into the future and into the past and everything in between.  In addition, you can travel to any point within that tube and beyond in the blink of an eye. 

All of this is referred to as “Space/Time” as opposed to our current understanding of time/space (where time travel is not possible).

Time/Space VS. Space/Time

The one you understand most clearly since you currently reside in it is “Time/Space.”  In time/space, time is completely linear meaning it moves forward.  There is a past, present, and future but you can only be in the present time and cannot move to the past or future.  You may think that you are moving into the future right this second as you read these words but as you’re reading these words you have put yourself in the present.  The future is always ahead of you no matter what and the past is always behind you.  Even if you were able to travel to the future, the future would still just be the present time.  The bottom line is that time rules all in a time/space dimension.

In “Space/Time,” space rules all and time is of no consequence and doesn’t matter in the same fashion as it does in our current reality.  You can easily travel anywhere in time you choose since in Space/Time, the ability to move about time is not limited as it is in Time/Space. 


example of the first four spatial dimensions

Now that you understand the difference between Time/Space and Space/Time, we can talk about dimensions.  First off, please understand that we are talking about physical (spatial) dimensions here and how they apply to you directly.  In addition, the following explanations on dimensions beyond the 3rd dimension are personal theories that science cannot prove to be true because we can only perceive three dimensionally (well fourth dimensional if we follow mainstream science). 

1st Dimension (1D)

In the 1st dimension, you were an inanimate object, like a mineral or water (point awareness).  Physically, you did not know you existed, in the traditional sense of the word.  You knew you were there but didn’t realize you were apart from anything else.  Whether a grain of sand or a boulder on top of a mountain, you weren’t separate from anything.  In order to raise your energy vibration enough for the 2nd dimension, you had to come to the realization that you did in fact exist and did so separately from everything else.  By doing this, you opened yourself up spiritually to a higher vibration and thus, in turn, were able to ascend to the 2nd dimension.   This is a time/space dimension.

2nd Dimension (2D)

In the 2nd dimension, you were something a little more tangible than a rock, this time you were a living thing as we understand it just as you now but not as complex (point and line awareness).  You were part of the plant kingdom or lower animal kingdom.  You only had survival instincts at this point and didn’t really have much else.   You knew of your identity within your species and that was it but believed you were a part of that species and nothing else.  Also, you only had awareness of the moment.  To move up to the 3rd dimension, you had to realize that you were a separate entity and unique from others like you.  By doing this, your vibration would be high enough to enter the 3rd dimension.  This is a time/space dimension.

3rd Dimension (3D)

In the 3rd dimension you are in the higher animal kingdom or human (awareness of point, line, width, breadth, height, volume).  You have the ability to remember the past, present, and future.  You, however, do not have awareness or have little awareness of the interconnectedness of all life on all dimensions, including non-living things such as minerals.  Although we remember our life’s events, we forget our past, where we come from (i.e., the 1st and 2nd dimensions) and as a result think of ourselves as separate from the source (the creator) or others for that matter.  This causes us to work extra hard to obtain our goals and we feel we are somewhat limited in what we can do as a result of this separateness. 

In order to raise our vibration high enough for the next dimension, we must realize that we are not separate from one and other or from anything else but instead, all connected to the one, the source of all that is, the creator – God if you prefer. 

In addition, you must be more oriented to a “service to others” which goes along with knowing that you are connected to everyone and everything around you.  If you are more “service to self” then you will not have an energy vibration that is high enough to achieve ascension to the next dimension (exceptions to this do exist but I will not get into that here as it would require an extreme focus on the dark side of energy).  This is a time/space dimension

4th Dimension (4D)

In the 4th dimension you are only in spirit form (awareness of point, length, breadth, height, volume, and time).  This is the dimension referred to as the astral plane or spirit world.  The best way to describe this dimension is to think of it as a holding point between dimensions or a waiting room if you will.  When you physically die in the 3rd dimension, your spirit will go here and sometimes your memories will return to you.  And when I say memories, I mean memories of your past incarnations, not just your current life’s history. 

When you are ready to incarnate again, you move (your spirit) from 4D back to 3D to continue your journey.  However, if your journey in the 3rd dimension has been completed (you have obtained a high enough vibration), you will move from 4D to perhaps 5D or perhaps even higher. 

On occasion, you may become stuck in the 4th dimension for whatever purpose you have there.  You may be waiting for the ascension to 5D or you may have decided that you are not ready for any new incarnations into 3D and therefore have chosen to wait. 

Whatever your reason, you will remain in 4D until you decide to move again.  Remember, it’s your FREE WILL that decides where you go next. 

In order to be in the 4D, you must have an energy vibration that meets the 4th dimensional vibration (this typically occurs automatically when separating from your body – at death).  However, you can also enter this dimension during your sleep and often do, whether you are aware of it or not.  This is where all true clairvoyants go to predict the future or read the past or learn about you when in the 3D world; you are a stranger to them.  The reason for this is because in 4D, you are no longer in a time/space plane but instead, you are in space/time which means time is no longer linear as it is in 3D. 

5th Dimension (5D)

       5D Geometric Shape

In the 5th dimension you will have become a fully awakened and enlightened spirit (awareness of point, line, length, breadth, volume, time, and spirit).  You will continue to have a physical body in most cases but not a 3rd dimensional body.  Your body will be that of a 5th dimensional vibration.  A 3rd dimensional body cannot survive in a 5D world. 

This dimension is best described as paradise or heaven on earth.  If you are a religious person and believe in the bible then this dimension is what Revelations was referring to after all the doom and gloom subsided and the Earth becomes paradise or a “Heaven on Earth.”  This is the dimension of “Unity Consciousness” or “Collective Consciousness United.”  I’ll dive more into consciousness next.

Other Dimensions Beyond the 5D?

At this point, there is great uncertainty as to what comes next.  Many people believe that there are 6D, 7D, 8D, and 9D planes of existence but because of the higher levels of vibration and consciousness, it is completely beyond our understanding and imagination.  We are talking levels so high that our 3rd dimensional minds could not even begin to scratch the surface of such a higher vibration nor make any sense out of it. 

At levels above the 5th or 6th dimension, creation is being created and could be considered “god-like dimensions” since this is where life is being created in the universe. 

At this point, you may be confused and may even consider these things to be impossible, especially if you are a logical thinking person.  I must admit, when I read about some of these concepts initially, I was in disbelief.  As I have said before, your free-will decides your course.  You must believe in whatever resonates with you the most.  If this isn’t it then this isn’t it.  There are no failures here and there is no “if you don’t believe in this you will not be saved or you will burn in hell.”  There is no such place and such places only exist if you make them exist in your manifestations of reality – it’s as simple as that. 

If you want Armageddon then that’s exactly what you will get.  This concept of manifesting what you want is better explained in the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne so check it out (Law of Attraction – more on this later).

Special Note: This discussion on dimension is all part of the “Law of One” and it governs all energy in the universe as it is the very fabric that connects us all together and back to the source. 

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