The Shift is Happening

Watching the trees sway in the gentle breeze outside my window has put me into a deeply pensive state. The thoughts that are constantly whizzing around in my mind are the same thoughts that have done so for more than a year now since everything changed in our world. The air feels different and the sun shines with much more veracity than ever before – something has changed and it has changed everything. I can clearly sense that a shift has occurred and that the energy that is all around us is completely different than what it was a year and half ago. Stepping outside and having all my senses instantly heighten is unmistakable and almost surreal, as if I’m in between the old and the new, all at once. This is how I know that a shift in consciousness has occurred and with each passing day, becomes more solidified into our reality.

The pandemic claimed so many physical lives and sent tremors throughout the very core of our beings. Government lockdowns, business closures, jobs lost, life at a standstill…all of these things created a permanent imprint upon all who are here during this time. Many of us were forced to find new ways to survive and others were forced to become something else. Time almost seemed to stop and contemplation became the new normal as we all tried to piece together what was happening. One thing was for certain, this is not the world we once thought it was and that a change was occurring. This brought about fear and uncertainty, all during a time where you didn’t know if Covid was coming for your or for someone you love. Questions began to echo out through the world and the answers were never what anyone wanted to hear, yet there they were, whether right or wrong.
Then, the US Presidential election occurs in the midst of all the panic from the pandemic. The results of that election were very upsetting for many and riots eventually ensued. Another attempt at impeaching President Trump takes place, even after he leaves office but, for a second time, he is acquitted on all articles of impeachment. The idea that the election may have been stolen from Trump become a common thread in many households throughout America. Democracy is officially under siege as the Democrats and Republicans battle for control. Chaos becomes commonplace in politics and throughout the country. Despite anyone’s position, one thing is for certain – everything in the world has changed and it starts to feel like a runaway freight train, with no one at the controls.

Finally, I remember that all of this has been prophesized and that all of this is necessary in order to awaken the masses to what is really going on and what is coming into fruition. All of us are now in the zone of the great awakening and there’s nothing that can stop that. Good and evil will continue to battle it out both behind the scenes and on center stage. A climax is fast approaching and most of us can already feel the vibrations of an intense energy flowing into and around our planet. These vibrations will continue to intensify and some will be unable to handle the increase in energy. Inevitably, this will lead to additional turmoil and perhaps more chaos. We must all remember that this is necessary in order for the transition into higher consciousness to happen. Remember that all is as it should be and that the negativity that is occurring right now will help to expose the truth that will lead to all of us moving forward into the Golden Age.

Please hang on tight and know that you are not alone as we are all one with each other – embrace all and be prepared to help those who will struggle with what is coming. The love and light will always protect you and will light the way into this new Age.

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