The Veil

by Quinn Nowlan

So let’s talk about the world as we currently know it; the world that we reside in day after day.  Specifically, how we are raised in this society and our place in this society.


As we all know, when we are born we immediately begin to learn about our environment through our five senses and through our interaction with other people, such as our parents and siblings.  The environment in which we learn determines what we learn as everything in our life is, in essence, learned.  As we mature, this changes slightly as we begin to create but for the purpose of this discussion, we will mostly be focusing on learning and how it conditions us as humans.

For the first few years of our life, what we learn is mostly from what our parents and siblings teach us.  This means that the knowledge, morals, and beliefs of our parents are used to teach us about our world.  These teachings become the core components of our life here on Earth.

Education System

Once we reach the school age (that is the age in which we are ready to go to school), we begin to take in the lessons our society deems important in becoming a fully functioning member of society.  This includes core areas of study such as reading, writing, math, and science. 


In conjunction with school, many of us begin to learn about religion.  Depending on your parents’ beliefs in religion, you will learn about God, the bible, or any other area of religious significance in the religion your parents introduce you to.


As we get older, we begin to learn about how to survive in this world.  We learn how to cloth ourselves, how to hunt in some cases, how to cook, how to shelter ourselves, and how to maintain these things.  We learn of the importance of getting a job so that we can sustain our survival and if we have families, providing for others who are unable to do so for themselves (such as children).

For the most part, we know things in life don’t come for free and that we must work in order to survive in this society.  And sometimes with this belief, we may choose to seek out higher education so that we can not only survive but do so in a very comfortable way.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this – everything we know about life and living in this society is learned from various sources in our environment.  We are, in essence, conditioned by our respective environments and this conditioning forms what we believe and understand about our world; it forms our beliefs, our morals, our fears, our wants, our desires, who we love, who we hate, and so on.

I realize that what you have just read are things you already know and you may be wondering why I’m bringing this up.  Well, let’s just say that what you know to be true isn’t necessarily so.  A veil has been shrouded over you since the day you were born.  Everything you have been taught was done so whether knowingly or not, to keep you from the truth of who you truly are.

So, do you wanna see what’s behind the veil?  Well, read on my friend and prepare yourself…. things from here on out will get a little bumpy but please, keep an open mind first and foremost…that is all I ask.

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