Pentagon Admits to Recovering UFO Wreckage & Testing of Alien Technology

Researcher Anthony Bragalia filed a Freedom of Information Act request from the Department of Defense (DoD) requesting information regarding UFO wreckage intercepted by the United States military. Surprisingly, the request was fulfilled by the Pentagon, providing over 150 pages of information pertaining to the wreckage and alien technology that has been tested by the United States government.

The pages indicate that testing of the alien technology has been taking place since the Roswell crash in 1947, although sensitive information has been redacted so that is unclear. What is clear is that there is a metallic like material that has a sort of memory that is able to remember forms it has taken. The material has been dubbed “memory metal” by DoD experts.

Leaps in technological evolution and essentially human evolution are quite possible with the technology discovered in the alien wreckage. Additionally, if you all recall, Trump ensured that files would be declassified prior to his departure from the White House and this could very well be the first major release of those files.

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